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Welcome to Smart Shade.

Smart Shade is a supplier of premium quality aluminium pop up gazebos and parasol umbrellas. With a strong philosophy of quality and service, we have proven that product durability and after sales service have been key to our success. Since inception in 2010, Smart Shade revolutionised the commercial gazebo frame space in South Africa by providing the largest range of expandable aluminium gazebo frames under one roof.

Our recently launched Parasol Umbrella hardware echoes the Smart Shade philosophy. Super lightweight yet extremely durable, our umbrella range is vast and just like our gazebo frames, world class quality and amazingly easy to set up and down. Smart shade not only guarantees its products, but stocks spares and services its entire range, providing unrivalled value in the long run.

Smart Shade’s range of Expandable Gazebo and Parasol frames carry the following unique features and benefits:

Hexagonal leg construction: A six-sided hexagonal profile has proven to be more stable and durable than conventional square profiles. Hexagonal profiles are impact resistant and do not deform or dent as easily as square leg frames.

Parasols: Our unique hexagonal pole features a push button system resulting in a smooth and easy sliding up, clicking in action.

Aluminium grade: T6061-Aeronautical grade aluminium adds value to our Gazebo range, by ensuring the maximum strength to lightest weight ratio. T6061-Aeronautical grade aluminium allows us to extrude larger diameter profiles with optimised wall thickness that allows for the best distribution of load, making it an extremely strong and light framing system.

Cross arms: Cross arms or cross members are vital bridging components that keep a gazebo versatile and dynamic by allowing the frame to open and close with minimal contortion. Fluid movement is required for efficient and safe usage of this system which is why we rely on the strength, durability, and lightness of T6061 Aeronautical Grade Aluminium. Our cross arms have reinforced ribs to provide superior stability laterally and diagonally. The strength of these arms is enhanced through greater wall thickness on the load bearing plane.


Green credentials: Our manufacturing processes source sustainable materials to produce components from former recycled waste streams and then upcycles them into the finest portable display equipment. Our hardware profiles are made from recycled aluminium that is specifically batched and extruded to a grade of alloy called T6061 -aircraft grade aluminium. This alloy boasts the highest weight to strength ratio available and is thus the lightest but strongest portable display equipment on market. Each of our aluminium profiles are sustainably powder coated to seal the aluminium and prevent oxidation. It is a greener alternative as this process contains carcinogenic elements such as Antimony Trioxide. All our plastic components are made from recycled plastics – eco black and are in turn recyclable once again.


Heavy duty gazebo frames: Our range of Smart Shade Heavy Duty Gazebos are without a doubt the strongest in our range. Although the frames are much heavier than our deluxe, the strength and longevity they offer cannot be matched. With oversized and extra thick support trusses, no storm is too strong for this super-frame. Available in three sizes namely: 3m x 3m, 4.5m x 3m and 6m x 3m. Please note, these are special imports, stock is limited.


Warranty and spares: All Smart Shade gazebo frames carry a 25-year factory hardware warrantyOur Heavy Duty gazebo range carry a lifetime hardware warranty. Our Smart Shade Parasol Umbrella hardware carry a best in class 5-year hardware warranty. Smart Shade not only guarantees its products, but stocks spares and services its entire product range, providing unrivalled value in the long run. Gazebo Frame Warranty T’s & C’s: Our hardware warranty covers faulty parts and workmanship; it does not cover wind damage due to gazebos not being secured properly. Please make sure your gazebos are tied down with the supplied straps as well as ground pegs.

Please note: Smart Shade is a trade only supplier, for a distributor in your area, please email: info @